The trail begins at the square at Kanfanar. We continue southward through the village always on the main road. After leaving the village we cross the flyover and continue towards Marići.
The trail continues through the houses of village Marići. After a light climb we turn right on the narrower macadam road which takes us towards the village Maružini.
At the entrance of Marići we come to a road fork where we take the second road to the left and continue straight ahead towards the main road.We cross the main road and begin a light descend on the macadam pathway. We cross the railway. After the railway we first turn right and then left, and then continue to descend towards the Istrian Y Motorway. 
Arrived until the Istrian Y Mororway we turn left and after 430 m we turn right. We go under the flyover and shortly after the flyover we turn right.We ride for 500m and then we return taking the same road, passing under the flyover and turning left. We ride 2 km at the Istrian Y side.
We ride close to the quarry and come to the asphalt road. At the first crossroads we turn right and begin a climb towards the village Burići. After crossing the railway we turn left. We ride for 900 m, then we turn right and continue till we reach the starting position.


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