We start from the square in front of the Tourist Office and head south, towards the freeway between Poreč-Novigrad.
We cross the main road and continue straight towards Vabriga. At the first intersection we turn right, then immediately after we turn left and keep to the right side until we come to the parking lot for mobile homes. From the parking lot, we keep going in the same direction. The road turns right and we follow the road (on the left side the gravel road crosses the road we are on). We go across the main road towards the reception desk of the caravan park but just before the reception we turn right onto a small asphalted path. On the incline, the asphalted road deviates left, and we continue on the right side in the same direction up the country road made of compressed soil. At the top of the climb, we reach the gravel road, which is not far from the houses and follow the road veering left along the gravel road. Arriving at the asphalted road, we turn right towards a hill. Immediately after we make a sharp right turn onto the path which is a mix of both gravel and grass. We pass by the houses and keep going further south along the same path. As we arrive at the fork in the road, we go slightly right. Just after that we turn left and carry on towards the south on same path. We reach the main road, we cross it and keep going till we reach the intersection where we will find a small asphalted road. We pull out onto the small asphalted road and turn left and keep on going. At the fork in the road, first we turn slightly right then immediately take a sharp right onto a wider main road and continue to go down towards the sea. At the bottom of the hill, at the end of the woods, we turn sharply left and go down the gravel path all the way to the bay on the other side.
We pull out onto another gravel path and continue on it until Červar Porat. We will be mostly travelling along the coast on a gravel path. As soon as we get to Červar-Porat, we can start going along the other trails of Poreč. But we go back to the bay Uvala Marina and continue to ride on this trail. Once back in the Marina bay, we turn left to the port and the pier, and at that spot, we turn right onto the gravel/wooden trail and head north. In the woods we turn left then immediately after we go right, following the path. Then we keep going straight towards the north, down a flat path. We reach a gravel road where we turn onto it and go left for 200 metres, and then carry on heading north until we reach the main road. At the main road, we turn right and get onto the road climbing towards Tar. At the main freeway between Poreč-Novigrad, we cross it and keep going in the same direction. We then arrive at Tar village centre, where we conclude our ride.


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