Helter Skelter 2022 MTB Marathon


7.05.2022., RABAC

If you have ever been a part of the Helter Skelter MTB Marathon in Rabac, you certainly know that almost nothing can compare to that feeling as you rush down the steep paths towards the rocky shore framed by turquoise blue sea. With that feeling when on the way to one of the most beautiful finish lines in the world, while carried by adrenaline you defy the harsh terrain of the Labinstina, idyllic natural landscapes alternate in front of your eyes… 

All MTB drivers who have something to show, all those who consider themselves MTB drivers, as well as those who strive to do so, will participate in this race! Difficult ascents and sudden descents. Up and down. Helter Skelter is fast, dangerous, loud. Cruel. No stopping, no rest.

The fourth edition of the Helter Skelter MTB Marathon will be held in Rabac on May 7th,
2022. Participants will compete in five categories (Men, Men Young Masters, Men Masters, Men Grand Masters and Women) and will be able to choose between two trails. Of course, since Rabac is one
of the best E-MTB destinations by far, E-MTB fans will be able to participate in the E-MTB

The number of participants is limited, so as not to miss one of the most attractive races of
the season, secure your place at AdriaBike.hr on time.


Entry Fee prices:

- EARLY BIRD PRICE: 30,00 EUR (225,00 HRK)
*Early Bird price is valid until all available places by Early Bird price are filled in, no later than 14.02.2022.

- REGULAR PRICE: 34,00 EUR (255,00 HRK)
*Regular price is valid until all available places by regular price are filled in, no later than 21.04.2022.

- LAST MINUTE PRICE: 38,00 EUR (285,00 HRK)
*Last Minute price is valid for applications after 21.04.2022.

Applications:  https://www.adriabike.hr/en/events/helter-skelter-2022-mtb-marathon/#tab-8



Thanks to Valamar Hotels & Resorts, Helter Skelter marathon participants are able to book top accommodation at special promotional prices, starting from 40,00 EUR per person per night: https://www.adriabike.hr/en/events/helter-skelter-2022-mtb-marathon/#tab-6