Vrsar-Orsera Riva (Waterfront)


Limes Slow Bike

Riva (Waterfront)

Recreational MTB bicycle ride

Slow Bike (18 km of length) is open for visitors of all ages and it is especially interesting for families with children. The start of the race is at the Vrsar waterfront and it goes through the Kontija forest with a stop point above the pirate cave which is situated on the slopes of the Lim channel with a beautiful view of the bay.

This is an opportunity to have a pleasant ride through Kontija forest, to hang out and take photographs at the beautiful lookout which offers a unique view of Lim channel. There will be organized a lunch break for all the participants at the hunters lodge which is situated in a protected forest Kontija.

There will also be a prize draw which will take place after the race finish. It is worth of watching the attractive acrobatical bike show which includes acrobatics on a BMX bicycles over the various obstacles and jumps. The show will surely provide a memorable experience for all visitors.